Family of 5 Downsize to a Nerdy Tiny House with No Mortgage

Kim and Raul decided to downsize to a 365 square foot Tiny House with their three kids to live a more affordable lifestyle.

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– Collapsible Christmas Tree –
– Folding Ikea Dining Table:
– Fridge:
– Garden compost Toilet:

Panasonic GH4 –
Sony AR7 –

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Grady Kelneck/ Tune: “Take My Hand”.

Crucial produced by Daan J.
Soundcloud: @daan- j.
Edits were made to music.

Drone footage supplied by: Jonathan Benabed of

Avoiding Reverse Mortgage Scams

mortgages photoReverse mortgages are getting popular as more seniors begin looking for means to add-on their retirement incomes. And as the interest in reverse mortgages upsurges, so are the cases of reverse mortgage scams and fraud. Numerous seniors are discovering that they have lost their hard earned equity to these scams. As reverse mortgages characteristically comprise our major asset (your home), this kind of fraud can have a grave negative effect on your retirement plan. The below reverse mortgage fraud information will assist you evade being a victim of a reverse mortgage scam.

Reverse Mortgage Scams

There are numerous kinds of reverse mortgage scams that can result in costing you thousands of dollars in equity in your home if you become a target.

Charging for free information on reverse mortgages

Numerous estate planning corporations have been charging thousands of dollars for information given free from HUD. Characteristically these businesses charge for this information as part of an estate planning program.
Unethical reverse mortgage terms

Certain lenders slip in undue terms and fees into their contracts. These terms can have a grave result on a seniors equity. In certain cases, lenders have made use of shared equity or shared appreciation terms, which offers the lender the right to amass a portion of the appreciation when the home is refinanced or sold.

Shielding yourself from reverse mortgage scams

If you are having a look into reverse mortgages, there are numerous things that you can do to defend yourself from being victim to these kinds of scams.

1. Talk to a HUD certified reverse mortgage analyst. The analyst will assist you comprehend reverse mortgages and assist you assess your condition.

2. Get numerous offers from diverse reverse mortgage lenders to contrast diverse choices. The rule of thumb is to get minimum 3 distinct proposals so that you have a good judgment of the terms offered.

3. Ensure you comprehend all the terms and conditions in the reverse mortgage contracts. Your reverse mortgage analyst can guide you with the contracts.

4. You usually have 3 business days after signing the loan document to annul it for any purpose.

If you are doubtful that a corporation is functioning in violation of the law, let your reverse mortgage analyst know and then file a grievance with your State Attorney General’s office.